FNFF: Nimmy & Greed/Gluttony

So I created an original urban legend (or scary tale really) which I posted on the Halloween Story Ideas Google doc so you can read it there. I don’t have an ending yet because there are many directions I want to go with and am currently trying to find the best one.

But! The character of Nimmy (Nimmy = Nimis = gluttony or excessive eating) is going to be a chubby little girl who single-handedly ruins an important Halloween ritual because of her greediness and faces HIM.

Now, because she’s greedy I’ve gotten this as research and found that it certainly applies to the story,  especially the quote on greediness.



Should we have her dressed like a frog with the color yellow incorporated (for greed) or go with something completely different? This would definitely bring the kid friendliness to the animation, but is it too obvious?

Also, I don’t know if this is too dark or morbid, but once someone in the family is killed off  the whole family needs to wear an article of clothing from the person and a mask that looks like their face for the next year.

Let me know what you think!



2 thoughts on “FNFF: Nimmy & Greed/Gluttony

  1. I really like you story cause it’s actually pretty terrifying!! I like the idea of the little girl dressing up as a frog (idk if dressing her up like a little fat pig will be well received lol). Or she can be dressed up like a goldilocks incorporating yellow which also plays with the story of her eating/taking things that do not belong to her. Either way i like the kid friendly aspect of her costume.
    Just curious does HIM go after anyone that takes his treats and consume THAT person that stole/ate his treats as his own treat or offering??


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