Friday Night Fright Fest: HIM

Pan from left to right to kids trick or treating and running around in their Halloween costumes. Then see 2 little kids wearing Halloween costumes sneaking out of the side window and into the night. They run into the woods where they meet up with 2 other kids in costumes.

Sam: Sorry I took so long guys! My parents were being lame about the curfew. They wanted me to be back before 11pm.  It’s Halloween! I had to sneak out just to get here.

Lindsay: Yeah! And they kept all our candy! (under her breath) I worked hard for those.

Sam: Oh yeah and I had to bring my sister. She swore she’d squeal if I didn’t bring her along.

Lindsay: I’m a skeleton princess ballerina!

Moonie: And what are you supposed to be? One of the Bee Gees? Haha!

Sam: Shut up. I’m all the classic monsters in one!

Moonie: Of course you are. But umm, I see your problem there and it makes sense! If you consider HIM (putting flashlight on his face)

Dean: Obviously your parents want to make sure you come home on time and took all your candy! Halloween is the night HE comes to visit.

Sam: The night WHO comes to visit?

Moonie: You mean, you don’t know?

Moonie and Dean look at each other.

Dean: Why do you think we wear costumes, get candies and treats, and parents have curfews?

Sam:  I don’t know, because it’s fun and parents enjoy spoiling our fun?

Dean:  Because of HIM.

The story:

  •      Trick or treating and the Halloween event itself is created because HE comes around to people’s homes at 12pm on the dot to knock on people’s homes.
  •      Must answer the door. If you fail to do so, you’re never seen again.
  •      Upon answering the door, you must state all your wrong-doings and cannot tell a lie. Should you tell a lie, you are corrected. Meaning, you are no longer the person you once were, but a blindly obedient, emotionless being.
  •      The home must be decorated and treats must be left outside of the door to welcome HIM. All household members must wear a costume representing his/her respect for the dead.
  •      Upon answering the door, one must lower one’s face and not make direct contact with the demon.  One should NEVER look into its eyes.
  •      The more and bigger the bad deeds, the more treats and gifts are owed to HIM. What you owe as punishment.
  •      Even little kids have to face up to HIM, but it was said that he was pretty nice to kids. That is except for the time a girl named Nimmy, the first girl to ever come back past curfew and then look into HIS eyes
  •      Nimmy (Nimmy = Nimis = gluttony or excessive eating)(yes, she’s a chubby little girl with candy all over her face haha)was tricking or treating but wasn’t satisfied with the amount of candy she got. She had enough to give HIM but she decided she wanted some for herself this time. She went further and further into the neighborhood but people started closing their doors, leaving their treats out for HIM.
  •      Nimmy upset that everyone stopped giving out candy, decided to take those treats, eating some and stuffing others in her bag.
  •      The town’s clock rang indicating it was now 12pm. The lights go out in all the homes and street lights. At the end of the road, we see one of the street lights go one. Out of the woods comes a giant, dark silhouette. She hides.
  •      Once the lights go in inside the home and the door opens, Nimmy books it toward her house, but realizes how far she had gone. One by one the lights start to go on down the road.
  •      Still insistent on dragging the bag of treats she collected. She stops to rest by a neighbor’s lawn. The curtains part and a little boy looks at her in sympathy and horror.
  •      Suddenly, a scream is heard not far from the little boy’s home.
  •      “But we had them! We left out treats!” The figure rushes into the home.
  •      Nimmy looks at her bag and realizes what she’s done. She looks at the boy at the window who now looks at their empty plate and he looks back at her.
  •      Nimmy drops the bag and runs to her home. She finally makes it and pounds on the door. Her mother comes out with a veil over her face.

(to be continued)

Flow Chart for story line concepts: StormBoard for Story


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