Art Direction

Paper Cut-outs

  • moveable limbs
  • change eyes and mouth to make them blink and speak
  • Fabric materials applied to puppets to give three-dimensional feel to characters
    • Skeleton-princess –> tutu
    • Demon Clown –> balloons


Fireside Kids

  • Color
  • Detailed (in complete contrast to simple look of HIM story)

The Story Within the Story

  • Black Silhouette
  • Colored background
    • The Rules (orange)
    • HIM’s appearance (red)
    • Nimmy’s Demise (purple/blue/nightsky color with white dots for stars)

Peri Banu, ruler of the islands of Wak Wak, with her maids in The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Still courtesy of Milestone Films.


Transition Ideas:

  • Mask of the Storyteller Kid will be symbolic of the HIM story
    • either how Nimmy looks or how HIM likes
    • The Goonies title card?

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