The Face on the Mask: an ending by Tahnee

Things To Know Before Proceeding To Read:

  1. HIM wears the face of the person in a household who was killed.
  2. The STORYTELLER is one of the campfire kids who wears the NIMMY costume (mask of her face as she dies, her costume dress, and her bag of candy).
  3. Although the STORYTELLER (have yet to find a name for the boy) wears a mask, there are holes in the mask that reveal his fear.

The Face on the Mask

THE STORYTELLER walks with the rest of his friends before they part ways. He waves goodbye and turns towards the street as he drags the bag of candy on the concrete. The street lights go out. The street is completely abandoned with no one in sight. Far away in the background behind him, a single light goes on in front of one of the resident homes. A dark figure rises from the ground and turns towards the boy. The boy doesn’t turn around, but his eyes widen and water.


He struggles to find his breath. HIM stands near the lit lamp post as he continues to face in the boy’s direction. The boy takes a deep breath and quickly turns his body towards HIM. Again, he is completely alone on the streets. He sighs with relief and smiles to himself and continues to walk down the street, using his jack o lantern as a light source.

There is a hole in his bag of candy, but he doesn’t notice this as he stuffs his face with a chocolate bar. The candy trails behind him in front of people’s homes (serves as people leaving candy out for HIM). The boy makes it in front of his house and as he reaches for more candy, he discovers the hole in the bag. A shadow looms behind him. He turns and we see his petrified glare, his mouth covered with chocolate, which looks like dry blood. The mask is completely ripped from his face. There’s a knock on the door of his home. His mother approaches the door making a fuss “___, we were worried sick! Do you have any idea what time –.” She stops as she stares into HIM’s face. She screeches out in horror. We see the kid’s face gruesomely forced and plastered onto HIM’s face, his hands long and black with claws protruding out. HIM holds out what remains of the boy, an open head towards the mother. He innocently says “Trick r treat” in the boy’s voice. The boy face mask molds into the face of young NIMMY and fades out as we hear the mother’s blood-curdling screams and cries.


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