Alternative Twist Endings: Nimmy’s Curse (Versions 1,2, 3)

  • STORYTELLER tells the story of how NIMMY’s family has to do this every year as he tells the story to his friends, but never reveals it’s his family that has to do it. NIMMY grew up to be his great-great-great-greatx1000! grandmother and now every year the entire neighborhood is spared of this tradition and only NIMMY and her family and all that come after her children are to endure it.

Version 1 (chosen version)

STORYTELLER checks his watch after the lights on the street go off and he rushes home. He unlocks the door and closes it. He is greeted by his family who stand in a row, wearing masks of his face on them. They hold their heads down and way from him in shame. His mother sobs softly. He looks on shocked. There is a knock on the door. He turns to the door and captures his reflection on the nearby mirror. He looks exactly like NIMMY with candy all over his face. He realizes the bag of treats is empty. He has no treats to present to HIM. He looks at his family who are now looking up in fear as the knocking continues. He begins to cry, accepting his fate, puts on his mask, and hesitates before slowly turning the knob. The End.

Version 2

The entire family wears NIMMY masks and costumes. THE STORYTELLER looks at his family as they stand in a row, nods, and places the mask over his face. He gets in between his two siblings. Holding up his bag of treats he realizes there’s a hole in it. There is a knock on the door. He looks up to the door in panic. He looks from side to side at his family. They stare back at him in fear. The knocks continue. He starts to walk toward the door, but the mother holds his hand to keep him from walking any further. The father sobs and shakes his head to the mother. She hesitantly lets go of THE STORYTELLER’s hand and begins to sob softly to herself. THE STORYTELLER begins to sob to himself as he sees this happen and walks to the door. He turns his head towards the mirror. He puts the mask over his head slightly and looks into his reflection. He looks at his tired face and looks at the deep dark chocolate color around his mouth. He smudges it off with his arm and continues to stare. He puts on his mask and we see the NIMMY mask with similar chocolate stains around the mouth. We hear the mother’s cries. He walks to the door once more, pauses, and twists the doorknob. The End.

Version 3

Simply see THE STORYTELLER walk in, put on the mask, and stand in line with his family. There’s a knock on the door. He goes and answers it and we see HIM’s silhouette from behind looking in at THE STORYTELLER and his family as they honor him wearing the NIMMY costume. The End.


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