Script Flow: Beats, Camera movements and thoughts & ideas


-Long-Take: Film starts off bright-isn yellow. The camera then starts to slowly zoom out and reveals that the yellow is coming from the moon.

-The camera is panning down while zooming out slowly. An owl that is on a tree branch flies off into the night. Tree branches are passing as the camera is moving back. (ZO: 35%, PD: 65%)

-The PD and ZO now stops. Revealing a suburban neighborhood.

-The camera won’t have any lag time to switch from PD/ZO to panning to the left.

-While the camera is PTTL, we as the audience get the feel and mode of Halloween. Houses are decorated, jack o’latorns are lit and some kids are running around.

-At the very end of the house the camera continues to PTTL while the environment

-As the camera continues PTTL, at the very edge of the camera a rope made out of bed sheets drops down from the top-left corner of the camera.

-Two kids are descending the sheets as the camera is still PPTL.

-The kids are walking in the same direction as the camera as they descend into the forest. The kids being in the middle of the frame. Going the same speed as the kids.

-A tree trunk in the foreground coming from the left-side of the screen blocks the cameras’ view of the kids.

-Quick cut to a close-up on the kids.

-Close-Up Shot: More of a handy-cam feel. The camera slides up-right or down-left on who ever is talking at that moment.

-Bickering is hapening between the little sister and the older brother.

-(The older brother eventually stops and turns towards his little sister. “You better not  )

-The older brother eventually says to hurry up, that they’re going to be late…

-Shot of the kids coming in-between some trees, where they stop to look where the light was coming from.

-Far-off shot:

-Fire is burning on a bunch of cut wood.

-A figure turns in the direction of the camera.

-Back to the shot where the kids come in-between some trees:

-The kids come down to where the fire is.

-Back to Far-off shot:

-The kids pass the camera going in the direction of the figure.

-The figure gets up and heads over to them.

-Close-up shot:

-The big brother greets the figure, who happens to be a classmate, from the other side of town.


Get high on Pixie Dust candy? (Maybe slightly older kids/Senior grade kids reflecting us the students now).

-Really weird, somewhat hallucination scene.

-Tripping moments.

-References to other student films.

-Slowly they die from this.

-Someone’s head gets cut off, that person is still laughing hysterically.

-Live action of the animators animating their existence.

As Him is being described, we have the Him character full screen. The other kids then add more things to Him. As they are adding more things to Him, we see the additions on Him.

-Simple character, eventually becomes a weird creature.

More centered on the kids than Nimmy.


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